Saturday, February 20, 2010

4 years

Today is my son's fourth birthday.

Four years ago today, this was us:

Now, he's a big, happy little boy who loves camping with his dad, cooking with his mom, traveling with his stuffed animals, and spending time with family and friends.

I am grateful to be a birthmother. I am grateful for open adoptions, that let me take part in my son's life. I am grateful for this wonderful little boy and his amazing parents.

Happy Birthday, Ian.


  1. Happy Birthday Ian, we love you!!! We love you Valerie.

  2. Happy birthday Ian. Can I ask you a question? How are you on his birthday? Are you happy? Or sad? I dread my daughter's birthday. It's such a sad day for me. But not because she was born, but because I only had one day with her.

  3. Do you have an open or closed adoption? His birthday isn't ever sad for me. This year is harder than it has been before, but it's because of other things, not just because it's his birthday. But I'm able to celebrate, send him presents, wish him a happy birthday, even if I'm not actually with him.

  4. Happy Birthday to your boy! And Happy Birthing Day to you!

  5. I met the couple briefly but it was closed in the sense that they didn't keep in contact with me regarding my daughter.

  6. What a wonderful picture! He even looks like he has a little smile.

    Happy birthday to Ian and happy birth day to you!