Monday, January 11, 2010

A Season for All Things

When you hear people talk about communication with with birth parents, sometimes you'll hear people mention that it wanes. That there are periods in which there is more communication than others. That sometimes people get busy and have other things, and so they talk less, but that times come when they need that connection more strongly so they'll come back.

I have a similar relationship with my adoption blog.

I've been feeling guilty for the last month or so because I haven't been blogging about adoption very much. (United by Love has also been neglected.)I just haven't felt the urge...I haven't had anything to say about adoption.

It's not because I'm unhappy. It's not because adoption is no longer important to me. Adoption is always important to me, is always a very significant part of my life.

There's just a lot of OTHER good things going on in my life right now! This month I'm testing for my second degree black belt. I just started a new job. I have a boyfriend who drives me to distraction constantly. These things have taken precedence in my brain. Not because they are any more or less important than adoption. They're just taking up my brain capacity at the moment!

I thought I'd let you know, dear reader, what is going on to take my attention, so maybe I can feel a little less guilty for neglecting you. I promise, my wordy blogs about adoption issues will return in measure. In a different season, perhaps. An adoption season. =)