Monday, August 24, 2009

Video chat

Last night, we attempted video chat #2. Unfortunately, technology was working against us. We had a few good minutes of video chat, but the feed kept freezing or breaking up. Eventually we settled just for an audio chat, which was still nice, though I wish I could have seen their faces! It was a great moment for me to hear Ian say, "But Daddy I want to SEE her!"

As it turns out (more details on this later) I'm probably going to be having a VISIT with them in's been a year now since I've seen Ian, Jen and Joe, so I'm definitely eager! We MIGHT be spending a day together at an amusement park, so I MAY be taking Ian on some of the rides. =)

It's just family, guys. I wouldn't say it's quite like having a favorite nephew, but it's akin to that. I'm not his MOM, but I still love and care about him, and I love to see his little face, I love to hear him tell jokes and sing songs. It's just fun, and it makes me happy.

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