Thursday, August 6, 2009

Foster care/transracial adoption

It was interesting me to see so many classes about transracial adoption on the program at conference. I wish I could have gone to some! It's something that just hasn't been within my frame of reference before. But at conference, I was able to see lots of family with African American or Hispanic children, with white parents. I have realized in a very short time that this is a major part of the adoption world.

Also, as I've been reading more adoption blogs, foster care has come to my attention as a similar (and still vastly different) entity. For example, see Mrs. R's Matching Mondays.

I find it fascinating. I've never really considered adopting children for myself. But that thought has definitely entered my mind of late. Regardless of whether I have children of my own (and I've proven that I'M capable!) I know that my heart has room for many.

Just thoughts that have been rolling around in here. Do you have any thoughts to share?

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