Friday, April 17, 2009

FSA national conference!

Last night I attending a planning committee meeting for the birthparent portion of this summer's Families Supporting Adoption national conference. A more concise way to say all that was: I love adoption! =)

We spent several hours debating about which classes we want to share with birthparents. In the end, we doubled the number of birthparent sessions from last year (which was the first time birthparents had their own sessions at conference). I can't tell you the enormity of my excitement for this.

First of all, I am an organizer. I started out life as a stage manager, after all. I LOVE this kind of thing. Totally in my element. I don't need a spotlight, but I do enjoy a position where I can take charge--quietly--and keep things on track. This is my natural state of being.

Secondly, of all the things I could apply my skills and passion to, this is IT. I feel so incredibly passionate about adoption. I believe in it 100%. I believe in open adoption, I believe in support and communication and love, for everybody. And I believe that birthmothers hold a unique place, both in adoption society, and in the eyes of God. I cherish my fellow birthmothers.

I can't wait to continue this work. I can't wait for this conference! I can't wait to meet and talk with and listen to other birthmoms who care as much as I do, who want to improve lives, including their own. And strangely, I'm excited to share my own successes, and to give back what I can to my fellow birthmoms.

Adoption: It's About Love.

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